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During these uncertain times and as we head into the winter months, we remain highly committed to the health and safety of our clients. Due to underlying health conditions and poverty, they are one of the highest risk groups for contracting COVID-19.  Since the beginning of COVID, we have doubled our Emergency Financial Assistance by supplying vital living necessities and food to over 500 individuals and families. 

We are providing affordable housing to those in need of a safe roof over their heads, and we continue to maintain our crucial programming and services. There is so much more that we have accomplished thanks to your support!

From All of Us at AIDS Care Ocean State:

THANK YOU for your compassion and generosity.  Wishing you all a safe, healthy and happy Winter and Holiday Season.


ACOS' First Ever Contact Free

Toy Drive a Success!

2020 has certainly provided all of us with plenty of challenges to surmount. Our annual toy drive has proven to be no exception. However, with the need greater than ever, ACOS has risen to the occasion with our first ever Toy Drop. On Sunday, December 6th we were able to collect toys, gift cards, and donations to give the children of ACOS a happy holiday with the assistance of several LGBTQ+ establishments through out Providence. 


It was also the agency's pleasure to recognize Mr.Stephen Hogan for a decade of Teddy Bear Ball Toy Drives. Board member Jay Joynes presented Stephen with a plaque to commemorate his ten years of dedication. 



This month’s employee spotlight highlights Vanessa Perez, our lead prevention worker at ACOS. She has been with the agency for the past seven years, the first two years as a volunteer. Vanessa was recently recognized for five years of service to ACOS.

Vanessa first came to ACOS as a client. This experience enables her to fully understand what people might be going through the first time they appear on ACOS’ doorstep. As she put it, “I’ve seen things from both sides of the fence.” As the lead prevention worker living openly HIV+, she is hoping to challenge people’s perceptions about what it means to be positive and end the stigma around that diagnosis. One of the things Vanessa feels is important is how all clients walking through our doors are treated with dignity and respect. She says, “You’re not treated like a sick person.”

When asked who has most influenced her work here at ACOS, Vanessa is quick to credit Ray Joseph, the prevention supervisor. His passion for what he does, along with his compassion for the clients, sets the bar high for her. In return, Ray says that what sets Vanessa apart in her position is her capacity to always follow through in making sure clients have what they need, along with a no-nonsense approach which serves her well. Vanessa is quick to mention one of her dear friends who tested positive before she did as the impetus for her involvement at the agency. Seeing someone she loved being affected by the diagnosis inspired her to do what she could to help people in similar situations.

Looking to the future, Vanessa would like to see the agency develop satellite sites in areas where people are at particularly high risk for contracting HIV and Hepatitis C. Ever concerned for people’s well-being, she is thinking about the difficulties some might have in getting to our BroadMed building to access necessary services.