The COVID-19 public health crisis will have a catastrophic effect on the health and well being of our clients. We need your help now more than ever.  

In response to the Coronavirus, AIDS Care Ocean State has set up the COVID-19 Action Fund.


AIDS Care Ocean State has put all fundraisers, including our popular Drag Bingo, on hold in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.  This has reduced our support funds critically by thousands of dollars!

 Are you a fan of Drag Bingo? We are asking you to donate $25 (the cost of a bingo book and a few specials) to help our clients. If all our Drag Bingo fans donate, and everyone in their respective groups does the same, we will raise over $24,000 to offset the escalating operational costs associated with COVID-19 and minimize its impact on our clients.

How does the current health situation affect our clients?
Due to underlying health conditions, most of our clients are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19, and our client population is far more likely to have serious complications from COVID-19. Some of these include:

All of our over-500 families and their children live well-below the federal poverty level, making them extremely vulnerable to negative effects that are caused by the current public health crisis; such as unemployment, food insecurity, and interruptions in public transportation.


Due to the overwhelming demand on hospitals and doctor offices, medical appointments are being postponed, so clients must wait longer for routine testing and checkups. 


All AIDS Care Ocean State’s group therapy has been postponed. However, all Case Managers are in daily contact with clients via the phone and video conferencing services. The loss of social interaction exacerbates feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression, especially among this vulnerable population.

How can I help?
Make a Donation to the AIDS Care Ocean State's Covid-19 Action Fund. It is the fastest and best way to help.
Help us Keep our Food Pantry Stocked. Donations of nonperishable foods, cleaning supplies, diapers, and grocery store gift cards are also valuable to helping our clients have access to these essential products as soon as possible.
How will my donation be used?
Emergency Services—Poverty and health issues are the greatest hurdles for our client population to overcome in respect to COVID-19. Your donation is crucial in providing access to emergency essentials—now and throughout the year—rental and utility assistance and transportation to critical doctor appointments and more.
Housing—AIDS Care Ocean State is the largest HIV Housing Agency in Rhode Island. Your donation will help us continue to make necessary health and safety improvements for our clients. 

For more information on AIDS Care Ocean State and the work we do, visit
For more information on making donations, please contact
We thank you on behalf of our clients.
Stay safe and healthy.

Drag Bingo Cancelled 

March 19th

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak in Rhode Island, AIDS Care Ocean State is cancelling Drag Bingo on Thursday, March 19th in keeping with the guidelines laid out by Governor Gina Raimondo. We will post information on future impacts of the Coronavirus to Drag Bingo on Facebook and Twitter ( and on our website ( Those scheduled to attend the March 19th Drag Bingo will receive an email regarding the cancellation.  Anyone wishing to sign up for email updates from AIDS Care Ocean State may do so here.

We are looking forward to resuming this popular and entertaining event once these precautions are no longer considered necessary.  We are hopeful that the public risk will diminish before our next scheduled Drag Bingo on April 16th, and we ask that everyone maintain good health and remain well-informed. Information on the Coronavirus can be found here.