Street Outreach

Street Outreach - Group from Street Outreach
Photo Credit: Brittany Leigh Photography

Our street outreach team goes out into the community and gives out safe sex kits, HIV testing information, toiletries, RIPTix (what’s this?), and referrals for additional resources to the at-risk population.

Street outreach provides the community with information on how to stay healthy, protect themselves, and protect others.

Where can you find our Street Outreach team?

Street Outreach - Map

Monday: Cranston Street in Providence 10am-12pm
Tuesday:: Woonsocket 10am-12pm                                                                    Cranston Street in Providence 6pm-8pm
Wednesday: Pawtucket & Central Falls 10am-12pm
Thursday: Manton Ave Hartford Ave from 10am-12pm
                   Broad Street 6pm-8pm
Friday: Newport (Broadway and Memorial Park) 10am-1pm