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AIDS Care Ocean State provides free, anonymous and confidential HIV testing. We encourage everyone to get tested.

Our testing sites are LGBT and IDU (what’s this?) friendly. Walk-ins are welcome during the Prevention Center hours or you can schedule an appointment.

Rapid Testing 101

  • Test method: We use the OraQuick Advance rapid test. It can be done with an oral swab or a finger prick.
  • Result time: Test results come back in 20 minutes
  • Rapid tests can have 1 of 3 results:
  • Non-reactive: no presence of HIV antibodies
  • Reactive: HIV antibodies were discovered in your system
  • Invalid: the test was faulty and a new test will be given
  • Rapid testing is a screening device and cannot diagnose someone as HIV positive.
  • If you receive a reactive result, a confirmatory test will be done to detect the HIV virus

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21% of People Living with HIV are Undiagnosed.

Learn how to protect yourself and others.

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