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"What do I do?"
June 4, 2015

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation and AIDS United have collaborated  on a new publication and on-line resource “What Do I Do? A Handbook to Understanding Health and HIV.” The goals of the handbook are to provide clear, accessible and relevant information regarding HIV/AIDS to those who need it most. HRC intends to distribute the handbooks at LGBTQI Pride Festivals throughout the United States with a focus on cities with higher rates of HIV infection. The HRC intends to make the handbook available to doctors, advocates and community-based organizations that specifically serve the LGBT community. 

The Handbook is designed to address specific and key issues, that answers the question What do I do...
-if I know nothing about HIV
-if I think I have HIV
-if I have been discriminated against because I have HIV
-if I want to get on PreP

Check out the handbook for yourself at the link above and see what you think! For more inforamtion regarding HIV & HCV testing in Rhode Island, as well as further resources regarding HIV/AIDS please visit AIDS Care Ocean State's Prevention Center. Call and make an appointment today at 401-781-0665.

Be sure to stop by AIDS Care Ocean State's PRIDE TABLE on June 20th at the 2015 Pridefest in downtown Providence. More information regarding the festival & night parade available here at

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