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September 16, 2013
Earlier this year, the Rhode Island Foundation announced their 2013 Innovation Fellows. Out of a pool of 180 original proposals, AIDSCare Ocean State's Medical Director, Dr. Lynn E. Taylor, physician, researcher and public health advocate was chosen for a $300,000 grant for her exceptional work in the hepatitis-c virus (HCV) field.

April 25, 2013
Large study stopped after safety review found more study participants who received the vaccine later became infected

April 24, 2013
In this episode of SnowbizNow, Mondo Guerra is close to tears as he and others share that on Thursday, April 25, 2013, an estimated 275,000 people will dine out in 60 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada to fight AIDS.

April 23, 2013
New cases of HIV/AIDS increased by 8 percent in 2012, the Minnesota Department of Health reported Tuesday.

April 22, 2013
For those taking antiretroviral medications for HIV/AIDS, there is one drug in the mix that can put a particular kick in the cocktail: the drug efavirenz, marketed under the commercial names Sustiva and Stocrin, appears to have an "LSD-like interaction" with the receptors in the brain that govern the activity of serotonin, says a study presented in Boston today.

April 22, 2013
The Supreme Court today will hear a case that will decide the basic rights of groups fighting HIV. The case --Agency for International Development, Et. Al., v. Alliance for Open Society International, Inc., Et. Al.--centers on a policy that requires organizations to adopt the U.S. government's point of view as a condition of receiving U.S. global HIV/AIDS funds. Not surprisingly, it is being challenged on grounds that it violates the First Amendment.

April 22, 2013
Two worthy goals collide in court as justices consider free speech rights, conditions on funding.

March 24, 2013
If you have a question about HIV or AIDS, need a statistic or have any interest at all in the continuing epidemic, Bob Hitt is your guy.

September 11, 2012
At the Association of Fundraising Professionals annual National Philanthropy Day breakfast, held on November 20, 2012, AIDS Care Ocean State recognized our 2012 Philnathropists of the Year.

May 7, 2012
In December 2011, the US Department of Housing Urban Development announced the HUD 811 awards for Rhode Island. ACOS was awarded with a $1.7 million grant for supportive housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

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