The Gorgeous Queens of Legends are back, and they’re serving up glamour and cocktails! Get a copy of the Legends! 2019 Calendar Cocktail Queens, and you’ll have a whole year of beauty and sophistication. Each month also features a special cocktail recipe you can sip while you gaze on all this beauty. Whether you’re craving a “Dirty” Shirley Temple or a Red-Headed Slut, this year’s Legends Calendar promises not to disappoint! 

This Year’s Calendar features Kira Stone, Haley Star, Vi’Let, Payton St. James, Genesis, Jealousy Jonz, Jennie Talia, Viza D. Klein, Yolandi Fizzure, Jackie Collins, BB Hayes, Angela Soprano-Butana, Complete Destruction, LaDiva Jonz and Jacqueline DiMera.

Makes a wonderful gift for loved ones (or for yourself.)

Get your calendar here.