Wish List Ideas

Thanks for checking out our wish list items. Please keep in mind that they are only suggestions, and that our clients and their children are grateful that you can enough to help make their holidays beautiful. 


Boys Under the Age of 11

Girls Under the Age of 11

Boys Ages 11-17

Girls Ages 11-17

Girls Under the Age of 11

Age Interests
1 Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Stack Up Cup Toys 
1 Bath Toys Musical Toys
2 Toddler Back Pack  Paw Patrol Sleepy Time Lights
3 Learning toys  Bath Toys
2 Stuffed Animals Leapfrog
3 Stuffed animals Learning Toys 
3 Learning toys  Fun to Learn Talking Clock 
3 Stuffed Animals  Musical Toys 
4 Leapfrog Musical Teapot Lilo Stuffed Doll 
4 Musical Toys  Princess Costume  
4 Bath Toys Disney Princess Mulan Toddler Doll 
4 Musical Toys  Learning Toys 
4 Frozen Sleeping Bag  Plush toys
5 Mulan Fashion Doll Fisher-Price learning table 
5 Leapfrog Ice Cream truck  Smooth Moves Sloth
6 Bath Toys Mermaid Doll 
6 Play Pretend Kitchen  Playdough 
7 Play Pretend Cell Phone  Baby Doll Stroller
7 Porcelain Tea Set  My first Chalk Board 
7 Polly Pocket  Dress up Shoes 
7 Stuffed Animal Puppy  Disney Faries Tinkerbell 
8 Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Hatch Animals 
8 Disney Fairies backpack    Kitchen Set 
9 Playdough  My Little Pony Royal Ponies of Equestria Figures 
9 Disney Princess Jewelry  Dora the Explorer Sleeping Bag 
9 Lets Pretend Disney Princess  Fashion Dressup Accessories 
9 LEGOS Barbie Doll clothes/Accessories 
9 Polly Pocket Unicorn Party  Art Supplies 
10 Barbie Car  Unicorn Stuffed Animal 
10 Trolls DVD  Light Up Fairy Wand 

Girls Age 11-17 Years Old 

Age Interests
11 Disney Desendants Mal doll  Princess Dress up Crown 
11 My Little Pony  My First Sewing Kit 
11 Disney Princess Dress up Chest  Art supplies 
11 Crayola Scribble Scrabble  Polly Pocket 
11 Tea party set Make your own jewelry Kit
11 Tara Toy Mermaid Neckless Kit My Little Pony Toys
11 LODBY Colorful LCD Doodle Drawing Board Disney Tea Party 
12 My Little Pony Equestria Girls Play cashier 
12 Polly Pocket  Make your Own Bracelets 
12 Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Doll  Stuffed Animals
12 Polly Pocket Playhouse  My Little Pony Equestria Girls
12 Crayola Art Set  Disney Princess Dressup dolls
12 Nail Art Stickers Playdough 
13 Spirograph  Super Star Makeup kit 
13 Disney toys  Play Kitchen set
13 My first Purse  Polly Pocket 
13   Disney's Mulan DVD 
13 Dora the Explorer Adventure Game  Manicure set 
13 Pretend Princess crown  Jewelry Box 
13 So Many headbands Set  Drawing supplies 
13 Enchantimals  Design your own jewelry 
14 Makeup Mirror  Easy Bake Oven 
14 Polly Pocket  Nail Art Stickers 
14 Cookie Play set  Jewelry Box 
14 Celebrity Makeup  Shimmer and Shine doll 
14 Play Pretend Cooking Pretend Groceries 
14 Barbie fashion accessories Barbie Car
14 Crayola Art Set  Fairy Princess Costume 
14 Polly Pocket   Enchantimals 
14 iPod  Princess and the Frog Dress up 
15 Lets Pretend Makeup  Jewelry 
15 Gift card  Makeup 
15 Gift card  Fashion Purse 
15 MP3 Player Jewelry
17 Makeup Jewelry 
17 Tablet  Gift Card
17 Gift Card  tablet 

Boys Under the Age of 11 

Age  Interests
2 Learning Toys Bath Toys 
2 Learning Toys Learning Toys
3 bath Toys Stuffed Animals 
3 Musical instruments Bath Toys 
5 Musical Instruments Playdough 
5 Learning Toys Stuffed animal 
5 Tonka Dump Truck  Musical instruments 
5 Learning Toys Stuffed Animal 
5 Learning Toys Playtime Bath Toys
6 Lincoln Logs Musical Toys
7 Transformers  Learning Toys
7 Legos  Ninja Turtles 
7 Learning Toys  Transformers
7 Pokemon Legos 
7 Robot Toys Tansformers
7 Avengers Action figures  Legos 
7 Learning Toys  Spiderman
8 Construction Trucks Art Supplies 
8 Walkie Talkies Playdough 
8 Skateboard Lego Star Wars 
8 Spider Man Construction Trucks
9 Construction Set Superhero
9 Playdough  Spiderman
9 Transformers  Musical Toys
9 Spider Man Playdough 
10 Dinosaurs Pokémon 
10 Toy Cars Building Toys 
10 Pokémon trading cards  Magician Set 
10 Dinosaur Toys Game
10 Batman Spider Man Toys
10 Puzzle Super Hero Coloring Books 
10 Construction Set  Legos 
10 Pokémon Superheroes 
10 Dinosaurs Pokémon 

Boys Ages 11-17 Years Old

Age Interests
11 Dinosaurs Rock star Karaoke 
11 Hulk Stuff Robot Army Toys
12 Legos Star Wars 
12 Star Wars Construction toys 
12 Star Wars Magic Tricks
12 Star Wars Laser gun
12 Art Supplies Racetrack
12 Inside bowling set  Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles 
12 Jurassic Park  Imaginext
12 Hover Board Batman toys
12 Batcopter Knex
12 Knex Don’t Step In It 
12 Hexbug Crayola Light Up Board 
12 Star Wars Legos 
13 Star Wars Imaginext
14 Star Wars Star Wars Action Figures 
14 Legos  Toy Story DVD 
14 Pokémon Game
15 Tablet Legos 
15 IPod Drone
15 Racing Set Power Rangers 
15 Pokémon Nurf Gun
15 Hover Board Stomp Rocket 
16 IPod  Gift card
16 Gift Card Drone 
17 Tablet Gift card
17 Gift Cards Football 
17 Gift Card Skate board
17 Gift cards Football 
17 Tablet  R/C Racer
17 Drone Wallet
17 Basketball Magic Set